Photographic review of medicine and surgery :

a bi-monthly illustration of interesting cases, accompanied by notes, /

Maury, Francis Fontaine, 1840-1879, &
Duhring, Louis A., 1845-1913, eds.

Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott & Co., 1871-1872.

Authors : varia, Samuel D. Gross, William W. Keen, Silas Weir Mitchell, Joseph Pancoast, Louis A. Sayre.

Description : 2 v. (80 p., xxiv leaves of plates ; 54 p., xxiv leaves of plates) ; ill., photographic prints, 24 cm.

Photographs : 24 mounted albumens in each volume.

Subject : Abnormalities, Human.

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Almost every photograph is astounding. Many of the pictures depict the ravages of disease long conquered and additionally are artistically posed. Some of the photographs were used for years as illustrations in various textbooks and articles since they depict extreme and/or classic examples of the diseases illustrated. The journal is one of the most desirable of all early American photographic publications. No copies have been available for purchase for many years.

Notes :

The following review appeared in Boston Medical and Surgical Journal on January 19th, 1871 :

We have examined this beautiful little brochure with much pleasure. It will be published on alternate months, and will contain, as its title indicates, photographic representations of disease occurring in the Philadelphia hospitals. A descriptive text accompanies each photograph. Judging from the number before us, with its four photographs, it will be a work well worth a place in the library of every practising [sic] physician.

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