In Memoriam.

Washington Lemuel Atlee.

Drysdale, Thomas Murray, M.D. 1831-1904.

Transactions of the American Gynecological Society.

Boston: Houghton, Osgood and Company, 1879.

Volume 3., for the year 1878., pp. 372-396.

Illustrated: heliotype portrait.

Subject: gynecology, biography.

22.5 cm.

Both protege and son-in-law to Dr. Atlee (1808-1878) of Philadelphia, Thomas Murray Drysdale penned this tribute to his teacher and arranged for its simultaneous publication as a slim 25 page volume entitled, Biographical memoir of Washington Lemuel Atlee, M.D.

Dr. Atlee is best known for his tireless efforts in advancing the surgical art of ovariotomy in America, working against the opprobrium of such eminences as Thomas Mütter and Charles Meigs. The monograph he wrote on the procedure was first published in 1845 and chronicled 101 historical examples of the operation. This was augmented to 222 operations for an 1851 monograph published in Transactions of the American Medical Association (Garrison Morton #6038).

Both men were founders of the American Gynecological Society.


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