The Brain and its Diseases-Part I.

Syphilis of the Brain and Spinal Cord.

showing the part which this agent plays in the production of paralysis, epilepsy, insanity, headache, neuralgia, hysteria, hypochondriasis, and other mental and nervous derangements.

Dowse, Thomas Stretch, M.D.

New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1879-80.
London: Baillière, Tindall and Cox [etc.] 1879-80.

2 v. ill.

Volume I: ii.., 144 pp., 4 fig., ill.

3 photographic plates (mounted woodburytypes), 3 pp. of chromolithographs.

22 cm.

A contemporary of Fournier, Doctor Thomas Stretch Dowse presents an excellent accounting of the neurosyphilis cases he treated at the Central London Sick Asylum.

One of the woodburytypes is a specimen of a diseased rectum. The two remaining photos are mounted on the same page and show a seated man at rest and a few minutes later while agitated. The inscription reads:

These photographs were executed within a few minutes of each other; and Fig. 2 shows the same patient seen in fig 1, but under excitement so that the palsy of the right seventh and left third nerves are well developed.

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