Memoir of Susan Dimock.

Resident Physician of the New England Hospital for Women and Children.


Zurich, Dec. 15, 1870.

Messrs. Editors, — Upon the 12th inst., the Swiss general government, being instructed in regard to the wishes of the Swiss physicians, passed by a large majority an act admitting a woman, "not only for the especial case, but as a principle," to the State medical examinations, thus opening to her every medical society, giving her the possibility of attaining instructors' chairs, and rendering incumbent upon her every duty which a physician owes the State. The Swiss government has thus removed every official obstacle to the practice of medicine in Switzerland by a woman — obstacles from private prejudice will be few, since she is allowed to study with the young men who will be her fellow practitioners, and so has the opportunity to make them her friends.

By publishing the above you will greatly oblige, yours most respectfully,

Susan Dimock, Student of Medicine.

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal ; Thursday, January 19, 1871.


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