Studies in pathological anatomy /

Delafield, Francis, 1841-1915.

New York : William Wood, 1878-1891.

Description : vol. 1.: 126 pp., [94 l. pl.], [1 l.], ; vol. 2.: 90+ pp., 133 pl. ;
          ill.: 227 pl. (photo., photolitho., arto., helio., engr., litho.) ; 28.5 cm.

Photographs : vol. 1 holds 11 silver prints mounted to printed boards. Vol. 2 unverified.

Photographer : O. G. Mason.

Subject : Tissue — Histopathology.

Notes :

In presenting to the profession the first volume of my "Studies in Pathological Anatomy," it seems proper to say a word concerning the scope and object of the work.
           It has not been my intention to write a treatise on Pathological Anatomy, nor to give an account of the labors of others in the same field. My object has been a much more restricted one:—to describe and figure the minute lesions of disease from the material which has fallen under my own observation.
           In doing this I have attempted to follow the purely objective method—to see and to describe whatever could be made out in the different post-mortem lesions of disease. Such a plan of study in volves following Nature wherever she may lead, and gives rise to apparent contradictions, which cannot always be reconciled.
           In such a descriptive work the drawings are of importance. It would, of course, be preferable to reproduce all the specimens by photography, but this plan seems to be only available for low magnifying powers. In this way I have employed the process for topographical purposes. The photographs have been made by Mr. Mason, and by the Artotype Company.
           For high magnifying powers it is necessary to make drawings with the camera lucida, and these drawings should be of the actual size of the specimens. They must also be reproduced without the intervention of an artist, even at the sacrifice of much beauty. The plates must, therefore, be of large size, and must be drawn directly on wood, stone, or copper, or reproduced by one of the photographic processes; all these plans have been tried with varying success. No one can feel more than I, how imperfect many of the plates are.
           It is my intention to continue the work until I have described all the lesions with which I am acquainted; but the original plan of publishing in monthly parts will be abandoned. The fasciculi will be issued of varying size and at different intervals, according to the subjects treated of.
           In the second volume the description of the lesions of chronic pulmonary phthisis will be completed.

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