Photographs of skin diseases;

taken from life, under the superintendence of Howard F. Damon ...

Damon, Howard F. (Howard Franklin), 1833-1884.

Boston: James Campbell, publisher, 1870 [c1869].

[54] p. and 24 loose plates.

Illustrated: 24 mounted albumens.

Various Photographers: George Moore, A.H. Lincoln, [of Boston].

28 cm.

Subject: dermatology.

See also his photographically illustrated: Leucocythemia: an essay, to which was awarded the Boylston medical prize of Harvard University for 1863.

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Graduate of Harvard 1858, and physician superintendent of the Boston dispensary in 1862-1864. For this dermatological atlas Damon provides only a spare preface and brief one paragraph descriptions for each of the plates almost half of which depict the ravages of syphilis. The albumen photos are jewel-like in detail and format. Following is the entire preface written by Damon:


PHOTOGRAPHS of Skin Diseases were first published in England by ALEXANDER BALMANNO SQUIRE. Subsequently, Professor HARDY, of Paris, commenced the publication of his "Clinique Photographique de 1'Hopital Saint Louis."

In both of these works, the photographs are colored. Previous to the publication of those of Mr. Squire, the author, then Superintendent of the Boston Dispensary, had engaged an experienced photographer to make negatives of every striking and important cutaneous disease which came under observation in that institution. A considerable collection has thus been obtained. Time and experience have done much to improve the author in the selection of his subjects, and the artists in the perfection of this new application of photography.

These photographs are given uncolored; and are capable of being enlarged, in many instances, to life-size, without materially diminishing the distinctness of the picture. For this purpose, a biconvex lens of three or four inches diameter, such as is used in examining engravings, must be employed. None but the best of photographs will stand this test. It will be readily perceived, therefore, that this branch of photography is not without its obstacles. Many thanks are due to the artists for the patience they have shown, in a work that is more or less repulsive to non-medical men. To Mr. GEORGE MOORE, an experienced photographer of this city, the author is especially indebted for a large number of the photographs in the present collection. He will continue to photograph all important cases which come under the author's observation, in the Skin Department at the City Hospital. Thanks are also due to the medical press for the very favorable manner in which the present undertaking has been noticed.

HOWARD F. DAMON.         
                  BOSTON, November, 1869.

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