A memoir of John Conolly, M.D., D.C.L.

Comprising a Sketch of the Treatment of the Insane in Europe and America.

Clark, Sir James.

London:    John Murray, 1869.

xxii, 298 pp., ads.

Frontispiece (tipped-in albumen of Conolly).



Leigh, Denis;   The Historical development of British Psychiatry,   p. 228:   James Clark, Apothecary to Queen Victoria, was a "true friend" of Conolly.

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Dictionary of National Biography IV,  pp. 401-02.

Hunter and Macalpine;   Three Hundred years of Psychiatry 1535-1860,   p. 1034: "...the first full scale biography of a psychological physician."

Also cited in American Journal of Insanity: Volume XXVI No. 4.   Utica, NY:   State Lunatic Asylum,   1870.    "A memoir of John Conolly by James Clark"

As the reformist superintendent of the Hanwell Asylum in Middlesex County for four years (183943),   John Conolly championed the art of Pinel and advocated for the humane treatment of lunatics.


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