Les difformes et les malades dans l'art.

Charcot, Jean-Martin, 1825-1893 ;
Richer, Paul-Marie-Louis-Pierre, 1849-1933.

Paris : Lecrosnier et Babé, 1889.

Description : [4] p., [i]-vi p., [1]-162 p., [1 l.] ; ill.: 87 in-text figs. ; 33 cm.

Photographs : phototypes.

Subject : Human abnormalities and disease — Iconology.

Notes :

Charcot recognized that his abilities as an artist were surpassed by those of Paul Richer and he came to rely on his young colleague to illustrate and redact his writings on art and medicine, on the iconology of disease in gothic architecture and old master paintings. Richer stood alongside Désiré-Magloire Bourneville in this regard, after illustrating beautifully Bourneville's Science et miracle. Louise Lateau, ou la stigmatisée belge (Paris: Progrès Médicale, 1875). Richer's first collaboration with Charcot for an iconology of art and medicine was their monograph titled, Les démoniaques dans l'art, published in 1887 (Paris: Delahaye & Lecrosnier). Both monographs—the Démoniaques and the Difformes—were reworked into a major atlas by Paul Richer titled L'Art et la médecine. The first edition was published in 1902 (Paris: Gaultier, Magnier et Cie)\ and in the year following, 1903, Richer assumed the chair of art and anatomy at the École des Beaux-Arts. New editions of another major Richer atlas, Artistic Anatomy, are still being released and will probably never become defunct.

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