Stereoskopische Photographien Chirurgischer Kranken I.

Billroth, Theodor, 1829-1894.

Erlangen : Enke, 1867.

Description : Volume 1., 12 leaves.

Photographs : 12 stereoscopic photographs.

Photographer : J. Ganz.

Subject : Surgery.

Cited :

Taureck, Renata, Die Bedeutung der Photographie für die medizinische Abbildung im 19. Jahrhundert (1980) ; p. 203 :

12 stereoscopic photographs from J. Ganz. The work carries into portraiture several images of different diseases, often juxtaposing the conditions before and and after the operation. Additional photos document cases of phosphorus necrosis in the upper and lower jaw, rachitic deformations, and a few others. All of the photographs are well executed.

Notes :

There are over 150 volumes in Theodor Billroth's bibliography, his stature in the German medical pantheon is second only to Virchow. However this atlas is especially rare and I am still searching for a library that can provide me with a copy for examination. No copies located by OCLC.

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