Etudes d'histoire naturelle au microscope.

Bertsch, Auguste-Adolphe, 1871 (d.).

Paris : sans publisher, sd (ca 1857-1858).

Description : portfolio of 22 microphotographs.

Photographs : 22 salt prints, mounted, 12.0 x 12.5 cm.

Subject : Microscopy.

Cited :

Taureck, Renata, Die Bedeutung der Photographie für die medizinische Abbildung im 19. Jahrhundert (1980) ; p. 197 :

According to information from Neuhauss (1907, p. 257) 1, with this work Bertsch published photomicrographs which he had previously submitted to the Paris Academy of Sciences. (The work could not be found in bibliographic circulation for borrowing.).

One copy of this portfolio appeared as lot 27 in the Marie-Thérèse and André Jammes sale at London Sothebys on Wednesday, October 27, 1999. Estimate was set at 2,000 - 3,000 BP (US$ 3,214 - 4,822), but it sold for 32,200 BP (US$ 53,214) to the New York photography dealer Hans Krauss.

The Parisian photographer Auguste-Adolphe Bertsch was a pioneer in photomicrography. His best known works are truly splendid enlargements of insects, often focusing on anatomical portions.

1 Neuhauss, Richard, Lehrbuch der Mikrophotographie ; Leipzig : Hirzel, 1907. Third edition.

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