The medical profession in all countries, containing photographic portraits from life. By...

Barraud, Henry, 1811-1874.

Jerrard, Paul.

London: Messrs. J. & A. Churchill, Messrs. Barraud & Jerrard, 1873-[1874].
Edinburgh: Messrs. Maclachlan & Co.
Dublin: Messrs. Fannin & Co.

Description : 2 v. 48 plates (ports., fronts.) 19 cm.

Photographs: mounted albumens.

Subject: biography.

Subjects of Volume 1:

Sir Thos. Watson.
Dr. G. Burrows.
Sir H. Holland.
Dr. Arthur Farre.
Dr. Henry Fuller.
Dr. R. Barnes.
Dr. A. Meadows.
Dr. Alexander Wood.

Dr. Bumstead.
Dr. Lionel S. Beale.
Dr. A.S. Taylor.
Dr. C.J.B. Williams.
Sir W. Fergusson.
Sir James Paget.
W. Bowman.
J. Hilton.

Sir Henry Thompson.
Henry Lee.
Christopher Heath.
T.B. Curling.
H. Spencer Smith.
F. Le Gros Clark.
Prof. Partidge.
J. Tomes.

Subjects of Volume 2:

E.J. Tilt.
Jas. Luke.
Braxton Hicks.
G. Critchett.
H.W. Adand.
Eras Wilson.
Wm. Sharpey.
T. Bryant.

Grailez Hewitt.
Peter Allen.
W. Playfair.
C. Hawkins.
Wm. Guy.
F. Skey.
Hall Davis.
Edw. Saunders.

Horace Dobell.
Sidney Jones.
Dr. Anstie.
Dr. Carlill.
Dr. Lankester.
E. Cutler.
J.R. Martin.
Ed. Smith.

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