Case of chronic arthritis in a child, characterised by fibrous contraction of several joints and associated with some thickening of the middle of each tibia and with marked enlargement of groups of lymphatic glands.

Barlow, Sir Thomas, 1845-1895.

Journal : Transactions of the Clinical Society of London, vol. 22.

London : Longmans, Green, and Co., 1889.

Description : pp. 328-333 ; ill.: 1 photo. ; 22 cm.

Photograph : clinical portrait, in-text (unverified).

Photographer : Danielsson.

Subject : Joints — Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Notes :

The condition of the hands is well shown in the photograph. There is hollowing of the palm, the metacarpo-phalangeal joints are slightly flexed, the middle phalanges are extended, the terminal phalanges slightly flexed. The extremities of the metacarpal bones and of the phalanges are not enlarged, and there is only the slightest possible indication of ulnar deflection of the digits on the right side. — p. 329.

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